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Fascinated by the organ in all its variations, Guy-Baptiste Jaccottet (1998) studied in the organ class of Benjamin Righetti (HEMU-Lausanne) and improvisation class of Paul Goussot (CRR Rueil-Malmaison).


Titular organist at the Temple de La Tour-de-Peilz, he also teaches organ at the Conservatoire de Lausanne. His love of the performing arts and cinema led him to be appointed organist at the Théâtre Barnabé, where a major restoration project is currently underway. Since 2023, he is the artistic director of the Organopole foundation in Lausanne. As a soloist, cinemaorganist or as part of an ensemble, Guy-Baptiste gives around forty concerts a year in Switzerland and Europe, enjoying each musical encounter with a new instrument. 


As a teacher, concert performer, church musician and programmer, he is deeply committed to the development of his instrument, composing pedagogical pieces, writing and transcribing for the organ, and always seeking new ways to make the organ more accessible. 


Fond of novelty, but also respectful of tradition, he was awarded First Prize and Audience Prize in the Flauto Dolce international composition competition (2016), the Fondation Casino Barrière’s Grant for Talent and Creativity (2019), the Kinder an die Orgel association’s Pedagogical Composition Prize (2020) and the Max D. Jost Foundation Prize (2023).

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At the Temple of La Tour-de-Peilz, services every Wednesday (9am) and Sunday (10am).

02/12/23 – 17:00

Lausanne – Église Saint-François

Stabat Mater de Vivaldi


Mazet-Saint-Foy (FR) – Temple du Mazet

Festival Jubilons. En duo avec Bertrand Causse (sifflet)

17/12/23 – 14:30

Servion – Théâtre Barnabé


"Ma Vie de Courgette"

13/01/24 – 11:00

La Tour-de-Peilz – Temple

Orgue et Sifflet (Bertrand Causse)

22/01/24 – 10:00

Angers (FR) – Centre des Congrès

Festival Printemps des Orgues


Servion – Théâtre Barnabé

Ciné-Concert Amis du Théâtre Barnabé

10/02/24 – 11:00

La Tour-de-Peilz – Temple

Le Voyage de Babar


Sausheim (FR) – Église


25/02/24 – 12:00

Charmey – Église


02/03/24 – 17:00

Zürich – Bühlkirche


08/03/24 – 20:30

Servion – Théâtre Barnabé

Ciné-Concert Festival 7e art

"The Artist"

29/03/24 – 18:00

Lausanne – Église Saint-François

Concert d'improvisation

07/04/24 – 18:00

Fribourg – Église des Cordeliers


12/05/24 – 16:00

Paris – La Madeleine


23/05/24 – 14:30

Cholet (FR) – Théâtre Saint-Louis


23/05/24 – 18:30

Cholet (FR) – Théâtre Saint-Louis

Festival Printemps des Orgues

08/06/24 – 11:00

La Tour-de-Peilz – Temple

Motets de Bach

Julien Laloux (direction)

08/06/24 – 17:00

Lausanne – Saint-François

Motets de Bach

Julien Laloux (direction)

17/07/24 – 12:15

Fribourg – Cathédrale



Sospel (FR) – Cathédrale



Zermatt – Pfarrkirche

Zermatt Festival

12/10/24 – 11:00

La Tour-de-Peilz – Temple


14/12/24 – 11:00

La Tour-de-Peilz – Temple

Plume l'ours polaire


Study the organ through dynamic teaching adapted to all ages and levels. Are you interested? The organ class of the Conservatoire de Lausanne is open to all of you !


Do not hesitate to contact me to talk about it !

You can also browse the pages of the Carnaval des Zoorganistes, written especially for budding organists. For the more adventurous, the score of "Pictures of a Silent Movie" is now available on my IMSLP page !

La Tour-de-Peilz
La Tour-de-Peilz

The temple of La Tour-de-Peilz is a bit like my "office" : it is there that I practice daily, that I accompany the religious services, and that I teach.


It has two very complementary organs which are at the center of the musical life of the temple : the Jean-François Mingot gallery organ (1991) and the Felsberg/Liardon choir organ (1994).

It is the Association des Concerts Clef-de-Voûte that makes musically live this place, through the concerts she organizes.


The two organs can be heard every second Saturday of the month at 11am during "Orgue du Marché", as well as during the services, on Wednesdays at 9am and Sundays at 10am.

Théâtre Barnabé
Théâtre Barnabé

The Théâtre Barnabé, which specializes in musical comedy and cabaret, houses in its main hall an organ straight out of a child's dream, a fantastic instrument imagined by Jean-Claude Pache, alias Barnabé. This unclassifiable musical instrument, halfway between a barrel organ, a cinema organ and a church organ, never fails to amaze the audience at each concert.


For more than 20 years now, the Festival Voix du Muet has been held in this out-of-time place. During this festival, improvising organists bring silent film masterpieces back to life for an evening.


Unfortunately, the organ is not in good condition and needs a lot of care. This is why the association Les Amis de l'Orgue du Théâtre Barnabé (AOTB) was founded in 2020. Their main goal is to finance the regular maintenance of the instrument and the development of a complete restauration project.


Stay tuned, big projects coming up!


Place the microphones, choose the framing, record, listen, correct, edit... It's a real work process that pushes me to go to the end of things. Although videos can never replace the feeling of a live concert, they allow me to share my passion with a different audience.


Compositions, transcriptions, works for children & more !


​New scores are regularly posted on my IMSLP page

"Le Carnaval des Zoorganistes"

A set of pieces for budding organists, published in 3 volumes by Éditions Cantate Domino. All pieces have been recorded on video and are available here. For full details, click here.


You can reach me by e-mail at guy.jaccottet(at), and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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